Processing Equipment

ART CNC Router

Process Area: 13000 x 2500 x 250
Spindle: 10Hp, 25,000 Rpm
Accuracy: +/- 0.2mm
Repeatability: +/- 0.15mm
Feed Rate: 25mt/min

ART CNC Router x 2 in total

Process Area: 9200 x 2500 x 250
Spindle: 16hp 25,000 Rpm Liquid Cooled Spindle
Automatic Tool Changer: 10 tools
Accuracy: +/- 0.2mm
Repeatability: +/- 0.15mm
Feed Rate: 25mt/min

Vertical Machining Centre Model

Mazak– VCN530C -CNC VMC
Process Area: 1050 x 600 x 600
Spindle: 12,000 RPM
Positioning: +/- 0.005mm
Repeatability: +/- 0.0025mm

Vertical Machining Centre Model VMC-710XV

Process Area: 711 x 457 x 457
Spindle: 8000 RPM
Positioning: +/- 0.005mm
Repeatability: +/- 0.0025mm
Feed Rate: 30mt/min

Elumatec Extrusion Saw

90 – 45 deg cutting angle, infinitely adjustable
100 x 240 cutting area @ 90Deg
1200mm automatic feed stroke
0.1mm accuracy
0.1mm repeatability


5 x Fronius TPS2700 pulsemig inverter with 9mtr push/pull gun, 270amp, 3 phase
2 x WIA CDT 450amp with remote wire feeder, 3 phase
1 x Miller TIG 350amp DX inverter AC/DC Water cooled, 3 phase
1 x Kemp TIG 250amp inverter AC/DC Water cooled, 3 phase

Press Brake

Durma CNC 200/3700
Machtech 80/32003 phase


Hafco 2500/6

Turret Mills

1200 x 254 x 500
1370 x 254 x 700


460mm swing & 1500mm between centers
660mm swing & 3000mm between centers



+/- 0.2mm up to 3meters +/-0.4mm up to 9 meters.


2 Parts or 2000 parts, repeatability to 0.15mm.

Lead Time

Typical lead time of 4-5 working days, however urgent jobs can be processed with 24 hrs if required.


We supply full design services in AutoCAD and Cadkey and can read or translate all files.

Stencil (Line) Marking

Permanent marking from 0.3 to 3.0mm width. Marking is generated from spindle centre to guarantee accuracy.


Cost competitive with High Def Plasma and a far superior product. Up to 50% cheaper than Laser or Water Jet and no clean up required.

Complete Package

Aluminium Dynamics can digitise existing components or design something completely new.

Surface Finish

No heat distortion or water damge, perfect clean 90-degree edge, no weld preparation required, no Plasma slag or laser scale.


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